Onsite plant propagation

Plant propagation is the process in growing new plants from a variety of sources: seeds, cuttings, and other plant parts.

This is the very start of life for our plants, so as you can imagine, propagation plays a very big part at our nursery.

We propagate the majority of our own plants on site using tried and tested methods such as taking cuttings from our mother stock plants and rooting them on our misted propagation benches most of the year round. 

We also harvest and germinate seed at the nursery, particularly for species varieties & have recently introduced hydroponic propagation for some of the varieties to great effect.

In addition to this, we offer other exciting varieties in our collection bred by other high quality plant breeders with (Plant Breeders Rights) attached to them. This means that we pay the breeder of that variety a royalty fee for each rooted cutting.

Our nursery is registered and inspected regularly by the Animal and Plant Health Agency and is also authorised to issue plant passports. 

Our Plant Passport Authority Number is GB-24709

You can rest assured that your plants will be true to type and of the highest standard.



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