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Plants from Calamazag always excellent quality!

Saw these lovely flowers at Osborne House. At the Hampton Court there weren’t any in the Floral Marquee - but loads of other beautiful dianthus, what a beautiful display from this company! Advised to order on line. The plants arrived really well packed and in very good condition. Waiting to plant in the garden as just too hot at present. Can’t wait to see flowers but realise it may be next year…..

Geranium 'Orange' Upright Zonal Pelargonium
Laura Barnes

Looking forward to seeing this flower

Diascia 'Pink' Upright Patio and Basket Plant
Laura Barnes

These are always lovely to have in the garden

Bacopa 'White' Trailing Basket and Patio Plant
Laura Barnes

Very pretty and flowering already

Diascia 'Dark Orange' Upright Patio and Basket Plant
Laura Barnes

No flowers yet but only been a few days. Plant in good health

Good service - plants arrived within stated delivery time. Will use again

Added this variety to my order as it was one of the first fuchsias I can remember my parents growing many years ago!
Excellent quality of plants again.
Thankyou again Calamazag!

Excellent quality of plants again!
Happy to add some more specimens of this much-loved variety back in to the garden as older ones have been struggling!

Very pleased with the quality of all of the plants received and happy to have been able to get this beautiful fuchsia again and at this time of the season having "lost" previous specimens this year.
Will certainly buy from Calamazag again and would recommend them!

Perfect beautiful plants many thanks

super colour , strong plant which is growing very well
service as always from calamazag is top class

growing well , only one flower s yet but it is earrly days
lovely scent

great colour , lovely plant , well pleased

Good sized plants. Well packaged and in good condition. Although I had to wait approximately 2 weeks for delivery, with no email saying they had been dispatched, I would definitely recommend this company.
Looking forward ordering more.

Arrived in excellent condition, a really good quality plant,definitely would recommend this nursery.

Calceolaria fothergillii - Slipperwort - Hardy alpine plant
Gail Grange

I ordered 2 of these lovely, almost delicate plants. One was in flower. Arrived in good condition.

I'm a big foxglove fan and this one is gorgeous. Arrived in good condition. looking forward to them flowering.

I've always liked daisy's and these Shasta daisy's are beautiful. They arrived in good condition, with lots of buds on the plants.

My fuchsias were attacked by a gallmite last year. Had to get rid of them all. Absolutely love the colour of Mandarin Cream fuchsia. Very good condition and in full flower, on arrival. Very pleased with it.

as with all the plants i have received from calamazag this season these were perfect ready to be planted out and i look forward to appearance of blooms

Thank you. Arrived well packed and protected. Lovely bushy looking plants, looking forward to planting and for them to flower.

Good service, good range of plants and reasonably priced.

Good service, good range of plants and reasonably priced.

These really work wonderfully in our garden. Beautiful to look at and wonderfully scented.
We have ordered these for the last few years as we have increased the area where they are planted. They always attract very favourable comments from our visitors.


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